November 07, 2018 2 min read


We got the four winners of the MFCEO iTunes Review Contest - Carly Damuth, Chris De Brock, Dr. Tom Recher, and Carmella Goslar - & they asked some incredibly practical & thoughtful questions about business & success that are relevant to anybody, at any stage in their journey. From "how service businesses can get their clients to pay them on time" to "how to leverage Amazon without being dependent on it," this is a high quality, high content conversation with a lot of fun, wisdom, & even some vulnerability.


00:00:10 – Andy's introduction to today's show

00:02:00 – Why The MFCEO Project is the number one business podcast in the world

00:06:00 – Vaughn's introduction to the winners of the iTunes review contest 

00:07:30 – How to stand out in the crowded real estate market

00:08:45 – Why young people are struggling to adapt in the evolving real estate industry 

00:10:00 – How to use inexperience to your advantage 

00:11:30 – Why storytelling is the key to selling anything

00:13:00 – How sales is about painting a compelling vision around two key concepts

00:16:30 – The main thing Andy takes issues with in the real estate industry

00:19:10 – How do you get paid on time as a service company? 

00:20:20 – Why Andy makes wholesalers pay upon delivery 

00:23:00 – Andy's strategy for getting paid on time

00:27:00 – How to stay on track with your long-term goals 

00:30:00 – Why you shouldn't be completely tied to your initial vision 

00:38:00 – What Andy has realized over the last year that has helped take him to the top of the charts

00:40:00 – Why Andy feels like he doesn't have anything left to prove

00:41:00 – How focusing on becoming less selfish has helped transformed Andy's life 

00:43:30 – Why your actions need to align with your vision

00:44:30 – How Ed Mylett has helped take Andy to the next level 

00:46:00 – Why vulnerability is critical to influencing others 

00:50:00 – When to use cockiness and when to use humility 

00:52:00 – What Andy tells himself when he doesn't feel like recording podcast episodes 

00:53:20 – Why you have to understand the context behind your content 

00:55:40 – How speaking to your own insecurities is a great way to connect with your audience

01:00:10 – Why customer service is the most important aspect for scaling your business

01:04:00 – How you need to be careful when you're beholden to a certain platform 

01:05:20 – Why owning the end relationship with your customer is of utmost importance 

01:08:20 – Why you need to be able to tell your story in 30 seconds or less

01:09:30 – Andy's strategy for pulling your product off Amazon and building a brand you can own 

01:12:30 – The one thing every marketer needs to consider when targeting men 

01:15:30 – How Amazon can ultimately undercut your product and why you need to play the long game


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