November 11, 2018 2 min read


There's really no way I can summarize today's SUNDAY SERMON in a way that will do it justice. We recorded on a day that I was just sick & tired of society & all the crazy bullsh!t that we've all gotten used to experiencing on a day-to-day basis. So we talked about that & national division & common decency & Donald Trump & bad parenting & pursuing your potential & shady preachers & success coaches & God & "happiness is the new rich." It's all in this episode. 


00:20 – Andy's introduction to today's show

01:30 – How to motivate a top performer on your team, as a young leader

02:50 – Why your greatness is measured by how much you leave on the table 

04:10 – The one thing that keeps Andy up at night 

05:50 – How you always play the worst against inferior opponents 

07:30 – Why humble bragging is fundamentally inauthentic  

09:00 – How a lack of accountability is responsible for a large portion of our cultural issues today

10:30 – Why Andy is struggling to find a solution to society's problems 

12:10 – How 1stPhorm has become Andy's saving grace in this chaotic world

12:45 – Why social media is ruining all of our lives

14:10 – How teaching and speaking are very similar professions 

15:10 – Why we have a culture problem, not a gun problem, in this country 

16:00 – The one thing that gives Andy peace of mind through all of this toxic behavior 

17:30 – Why you don't hear about positives on the news 

19:30 – How perception and reality are largely different when it comes to media portrayals

21:30 – Why only a handful of politicians are benefiting from mass outrage 

22:20 – How all of the world's biggest problems and solutions start with tiny actions 

24:10 – Why most of the world's problems have extremely simple solutions that we don't execute 

26:10 – The proper reaction to adversity and doubters 

27:10 – Why you don't have to choose between being happy and being rich

29:00 – How we can fix society's issues together 

30:00 – Why Gary Vaynerchuk and Andy are such good friends 

32:30 – How random acts of kindness can help contribute to the solution 

35:10 – The two things at the core of all of our problems 

37:15 – Why Andy founded The MFCEO Project

39:00 – How you have to learn to deal with and control your emotions 

40:20 – Why most parents are pussies right now 

42:30 – Why Andy doesn't have children 

43:30 – The most despicable thing on planet Earth 

48:00 – How everyone, Andy and Vaughn included, is part of the problem

50:00 – Why it's not them, it's us

52:00 – How the phrase I am enough is misguided

54:20 – Who Andy truly respects in this industry


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