Your Heroes Don't Have Superpowers

June 12, 2024 1 min read

You may look at all the people you admire and think, "They must have something I don't have."

But I promise you...

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Your heroes don't have superpowers.

They aren't special.

They aren't more capable.

They aren't luckier.

Most of the time...

They aren't even smarter or more talented than anybody else.

I'm certainly not.

Anybody who's ever accomplished anything extraordinary in life is just a normal person who decided to work their ass off to become great.

They get stressed just like you.

They make mistakes just like you.

They fail just like you.

They struggle just like you.

...and they want to quit just like you.

The only difference is they decided to keep going while others did not.

You have the power to make that choice too.

Which literally means that you already have everything you need to build the life you truly want for yourself.

Keep moving.

Keep improving.

Keep learning.

Keep building your skillset.

The only way to guarantee failure is if you quit.


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