You Need To Let It Go…

September 04, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to a group

The longer you dwell on the bad shit that's happened to you...

The longer you'll keep yourself from achieving greatness.

Overcoming adversity is a part of life...

...and when you make the decision to keep moving, regardless of the bad shit that's happened to you in the past ... or what bad shit may be currently going on…

You start to learn a little about yourself.

Commit to executing your daily tasks in a non-compromising and non-emotional way.

See the hard days as a test … because that’s what they are.

Pass those tests and you will soon be a believer in your own ability to execute.

It will eliminate a lot of unnecessary anxiety and negativity … making you much happier as a result.

Because you will know that no matter what … you can still win.

Regardless of what’s happening in the world or in your world … you will keep moving forward.

You will know and understand you cannot be stopped.

It’s a huge deal.

There is peace in that.

…and you’re missing out on a lot of bad ass shit you don’t understand about yourself yet by hanging onto past shit and playing victim.

Most people never come to realize this for themselves...

That's why most people never become truly great.

Let it go. You aren’t a victim.

…and you’ll have even more of a reason to kick ass and show others how it’s done.🇺🇸

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