You Choose Who You Become

January 02, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella with friends

Modern society and social media will tell you that finding your passions and purpose in life requires some sort of spiritual self-discovery journey...

This is false.

...and actually happens to be one of the biggest reasons why so few people end up building a life they're happy with.

Your purpose...

Your passion...

...and who you're "meant to become"...

Is not going to magically become clear to you by trying a bunch of different shit and tapping into your "inner self."

The truth is...

It's this exact mindset that will actually prevent you from building a great life for yourself.

When you treat your purpose and identity as something that needs to be "discovered"...

What you're actually doing is allowing the world to make the decision about who you are for you...

Which is the exact same thing as settling for a different life than the one you truly want.

Understand that who you're "meant to become"...

Is actually who you CHOOSE to become.

Part of making that decision is recognizing that you're going to feel like you're "faking it"...

Especially in the beginning.

That doesn't mean you're on the wrong path.

That just means you haven't been on the path for long enough.

Make a decision about who you want to become and commit to it.

Choosing anything different will be your biggest regret in life.

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