You Can't Win by Copying Someone Else

January 28, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella standing next to a car 

If your sole strategy in life is to mold your identity or business around somebody else...

You will not win.


I say this for some very specific and practical reasons too...

When you model your life or business after somebody else...

1. You're copying whatever it is you see them doing now, which is a result of conversations, experiences, and planning over the last 3-5 years.

That means by copying them...

You will always be 3-5 years behind these people.


2. Nobody likes a copycat.

...and everybody can recognize a cheap knock-off when they see one.

This will do irreversible damage to YOUR reputation, and ultimately be the reason you lose.

Now, am I saying you can't take inspiration from the people who you look up to?

Absolutely not.

It would be foolish not to apply the valuable lessons and information you can absorb from people who are much further down the road than you.

But if you can't win by copying someone else...

That means the only way you can actually win is by embracing your true authentic self.

Focus on what's going to help you win.

Focus on what you can do to build the most value in who you are.

Focus on becoming the absolute best version of yourself.

Never live in the shadows of somebody else.

Only losers do that.

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