You Can't Opt Out Of Competition

June 13, 2020 1 min read

Andy Speaking

Idealist Culture will tell you that everyone is special, deserving, and able to live an unbelievably interesting, fruitful, and fulfilling life.

Realist Culture proves with statistical FACT that while as nice as those things sound...the truth is very fucking different.

If you think you're going to opt out of the game by refusing to compete, then prepare for a massive throat stomping from the rest of the world.

The primal desire for winning is programmed in our DNA.

It is "taught" out of you.

Want proof? Give two 3-year-old kids boxing gloves and watch what happens…

Watch a 12-month-old get the round peg in the round they feel bad?

No, they are fucking hyped!

Quit denying your primal, pre-programmed nature by opting out of the game because you were taught (by people who never won at anything) it's impolite to win.

When you opt out, your aren’t "noble" or "enlightened" are are are weak...

Getting in the game and getting your ass beat a few times is how you get better.

Now all of the delicate snowflakes out there will tell you different...but observe their lives and decide for yourself if that’s the kind of life you want to live.

People win.

People lose.

…and both experiences serve very important purposes for your journey.

Opting out of the competition is no different than opting into being a loser.

Realist > Idealist.



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