You Can’t Skip the Hard

July 06, 2024 1 min read

Do you want to pay the price now?

...Or do you want to pay the price later?

Because those are the only choices you get.




They're coming for everybody.

But you get to choose when they come.

You can choose to pay the price of pain, struggle, and hardship right now...

Do the work required to build yourself into someone who can create the life of their dreams...

Build that life...

....and get a reward for that struggle.


You can sit around now and be a lazy piece of shit...

Watch your life pass you by...

...and then have a dumpster fire for a life later on.

Those are your only choices.

You don't get to opt out of the hard.

You don't get to skip the hard.

You don't get the easy way for the whole journey.

It's pay the price now.

...Or pay the price later.

Thinking you can work your way around the struggle and hardship is a false reality that will ruin your life.

Don't say I didn't try to warn you.

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