Being Busy Is Not a Badge of Honor

July 07, 2024 1 min read

The only thing that matters are the results you produce.

Which literally means how "busy" you are is irrelevant.

I see far too many people who think being busy and being effective are the same thing and fuck up their entire lives because of it.

Winners are effective.

Losers are "busy."

Ask yourself what it is you're trying to accomplish...

Take inventory of the highest priority tasks that need to get done...

Create a plan...

Execute on that plan.

It's that simple.

Don't derail your progress by getting caught up in every non-urgent task that falls on your plate.

Consider what it is you need to do to create the best possible outcome and take action.

You will never be praised or rewarded for being busy.

In fact...

You'll actually come off as ineffective and unorganized to everybody who knows better.

Prioritize your tasks...

Then execute on your tasks.

You won't win by being busy.

You will win by being effective.

It’s that simple.

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