Winners Seek the Truth

June 06, 2024 1 min read

Do you seek advice...

Or do you seek validation?

One feeds your growth...

The other feeds your ego.

Advice will lead you to the truth.

Oftentimes this will mean embracing perspectives and viewpoints outside of your own and humbling yourself to the process of learning.

...but that is precisely what it takes to win.

If you are not constantly challenging what you know and what you believe...

You cannot get better.

Most people can't do this ... which is why most people lose.

Instead of using the valuable knowledge and information they can get from honest advice...

They seek information which validates their existing thoughts and opinions...

Then wonder why they keep getting served up the same bullshit over and over again in life.

Winners seek the truth.

Losers seek the answer that satisfies their ego.

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