Everything Worthwhile Costs Time

June 07, 2024 2 min read


Time is a necessary element of success.

You can literally do everything your power every single day...

But if enough time hasn't passed...

You will not be wherever it is you're trying to go.

It's not possible.

Everything worthwhile costs time.

...and I see far too many people who have an unrealistic expectation for how long it will actually take them to reach their goals.

Eventually, these people quit and try something new when they just haven't been on their journey for long enough.

This is the first mistake people make when it comes to time.

Align your expectations with how long it will actually take you.

It's not going to take 6 months.

It's not going to take 1 year.

It's not going to take 2 years.

5 years isn't even a realistic timeline for achieving your biggest goals.

It can take decades.

Expect that.

Be patient.

At the same time...

Understand that you do not have all the time in the world.

This is the second mistake people make when it comes to time.

A lot of people think they can just coast through their day to day tasks and their goals will just materialize with time.

This is false.

If you are not attacking the time you do have with the proper intent and urgency...

It doesn't matter if you spend your entire life pursuing your goals...

They will not be possible for you.

You must be aggressive.

Learning to be patient when it comes to achieving your goals while still executing with urgency every single day is a skill I call aggressive patience.

Time will always be a factor that you must come to terms with.

Master aggressive patience.

When you can execute every single day at a high level...

...and continue to show up for as long as it takes...

Anything will be possible for you.

That's a fact.

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