Why Can’t It Be You?

March 06, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella sitting in a plane

“Success is for other people.”

“People like us don’t get to live lives like that.”

“You are not meant for this.”

How many times have you heard things like that from people?

Now think about the kind of lives those people live…

How many people are they helping?

What kind of impact are they making on the world?

People who limit themselves with thoughts like that never do anything considerable in their lives.


Your wins…

How big you win in life…

What your life will become…

All start in your head…

With your beliefs.

Don’t limit yourself like others have.

If you think success isn’t for you…

You won’t succeed in anything you do in life.

This is a 100% reality.

Nobody ever built a life they were proud of by accident.

Every single motherfucker who ever did anything considerable in their lives…

Who changed the world for good…

Operated intentionally.

They chose to believe they could.

They made a conscious decision to BELIEVE THEY COULD (and did) based on the observation that if one man could do another could do.

That’s true for you too.

You can.

Why aren’t you?

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