What Example Are You Setting?

January 19, 2020 2 min read

I often find myself thinking of what example I’m setting?

I think about it for what I feel is an abnormal amount.

Almost obsessively.

I always think about what people are learning from observing me.

It’s a lot to be aware of.

Think about imaging your whole life, 24 hours a day...God is watching you and if you do good you get rewarded...do bad you get bad.

Now I’m not saying that’s ABSOLUTELY true....

Because none of us know.


I do absolutely know that living that way will result in an amazing life filled with amazing GOOD things.

I truly believe my entire existence is rooted in the fact that I’ve always lived this way.

Obsessed over what people could learn from watching me.

Am I perfect?

Absolutely not. FAR FROM IT.

But I am a far better person in all areas by living that way than I would be if I didn’t.

Have you ever been that way?

Are you conscious of the example are you setting at all times to all people?

Which way are you leading the people that look to you?

Notice I didn't ask if you were a "Leader" or not.

You don't get to default out of your responsibility as a leader.

Just because you haven't asked for and accepted the role of "LEADER" doesn't mean you aren't one.

Just because nobody has come to you and anointed you with the title of "leader" doesn't mean you have to wait to become one.


The question is...what kind of leader are you?

Everything you do.

Everything you say.

Everything you don't say.

Everything you accomplish.

Everything you fail at.

Everything you do with perfection.

Everything you half ass.

Everything you endure.

Everything you overcome.

Everything you let beat you.

Every time you conquer.

Every time you quit.

Every fucking thing you do or don't do is leading SOMEONE and you have a moral obligation to show them the right way to live, succeed, love & prosper in life...whether you want that for yourself or not.

It's NEVER just about YOU.

Never forget that.


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