What Are The Holes In Your Game?

June 02, 2024 1 min read


What are the holes in your game?

If you're being honest...

It's probably quite a few things.

Some big.

Some small.

Either way ... you have holes.

So do I.

...and denying the fact that you have these holes is an excellent way to guarantee that you never make any progress.

Which means if you want to become truly great and dominate in everything that you do...

You have to identify these holes.

When you bring awareness to the holes in your game...

It's really hard not to want to improve them.

Legends are not bulletproof.

...But every single one of them is willing to have a difficult conversation with themselves about where they need to improve...

Then go out and execute on a game plan to make those improvements.

Swallow your pride.

Have an honest, unbiased conversation with yourself.

Identify your holes.

Create a plan to fix them.

Execute that plan.

...and repeat this process over and over until the day you die.

That's what it takes to be great.

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