3 Things That Keep You From Leveling Up

March 29, 2020 1 min read


Three things that will ABSOLUTELY keep you from leveling up:

1. Gossip: Truly successful people don't TRUST gossipers. Period.

2. Drama: Truly successful people don't have the energy for Drama. They spend their energy on solutions to problems...and get paid for it. Over Dramatic people don't last in business.

3. Talking shit on people: Truly successful people understand you never know who’s friends with who, so it's a good idea to keep your mouth shut.

Not to mention when you talk shit about people, all you do is advertise them to everyone else...

...and guess what...

...some of the “everyone else” group are going to like the person you are talking shit about.

So really, if you hate them, it's best to keep your mouth shut so you don't help them grow.

Are there exceptions to these rules?


...but you ain't Wendy Williams, Kanye West, or Donald Trump.

So since you aren’t...help yourself out by understanding the game.

You might be sitting there thinking “Well I do that...but I'm successful” and that's cool...but try getting to the next level.

Eventually these 3 things will become a hindrance to your progress.

So stop.


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