Use Fear as a Source of Fuel

April 19, 2024 1 min read


Every single person I consider highly successful that I’ve ever met has mastered the skill of using fear to their advantage.

Fear is a powerful emotion that you can harness to make significant progress too.

Here's how:

The next time your fears begin to surface...

Recognize them as a trigger to take immediate action.

Just imagine how much further ahead you could be in life if every single time you were fearful...


...or anxious...

Instead of allowing these emotions to paralyze you...

You make the conscious decision to double down on your execution.

We all have fears.

I certainly do.

...and of my fears, the greatest one is looking back at my life on my death bed and feeling as if my contributions were insignificant.

I credit a lot of the progress Ive made in my life to that fear.

Whatever your biggest fears are...

I recommend you learn to channel them into a source of fuel.

Fear will either be the reason you succeed...

...or the reason you fail.

It's up to you which one they will be.

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