Start Living Life on Your Terms

April 18, 2024 1 min read


If you want to live the same life as everybody else...

Do what everybody else does.

If you want to live a life that's truly great...

Do what great people do.

Most people construct their entire existence around the guidelines and boundaries established by society and the people around them...

...and because they're unable to step outside the box of what's "normal"...

They never find out who they are...

Or what their true purpose is.

Just because "everybody else does it"...

Doesn't mean you should.

Most of the time ... this should be a clear indicator for you to do something completely different.

That’s what great people do.

That's the brass tacks of it.

Develop the courage to be who you were meant to be and pursue the things you actually want in life.

If you aren't living life on your terms...

You're living it on somebody else's.

I refuse to.

So should you.

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