Urgency Is Not Optional

November 23, 2022 1 min read

Andy standing with his hands out

How many people do you know who identify a problem or situation that needs to be fixed...

But instead of finding and implementing the solution right away...

They brush it off and kick the can down the road over and over again … until the problem gets so big that it can no longer be ignored?

I'm sure you know quite a few.

I do too.

The reason these people choose not to address their problems immediately is because they operate with selective urgency.

They spend so much of their time procrastinating that eventually their lack of action catches up...

Shit hits the fan...

...and all of a sudden, they hit the panic button and begin to act with urgency.

But it's far too late...

Their window of opportunity has already come and gone.

...and because these people only do what's important to them in the moment...

They are never able to break themselves free from their average existence.

Real winners operate with urgency at all times...

Not just when they "feel like it.”

...and if you truly want to win big in your life...

I suggest you do the same.

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