Live Life on Your Own Terms

November 22, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking into a microphone

If you don't want to be like everybody else...

You have to quit doing what everybody else does.

You see, most people never end up accomplishing anything great in their lives … because they refuse to step outside the box of what's "normal.”

They act the same as everyone else...

They talk the same...

They dress the same...

They do the same...

...and when they die...

The story told about their existence is the same...


If you're going to build the life you truly want...

You have to break some rules.

You have to make a decision about who you are … and choose to live life on your terms.

You need to develop the courage to go out and pursue the life you really want.

...and when everybody else starts whispering shit in your ear about how your goals and dreams are unrealistic...

Don't listen.

Greatness doesn't fit the average mold of society.


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