Treat Your Life Like It's The Big Game On TV

January 21, 2020 3 min read


The Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl.

Pretty awesome for us here in Missouri.

I've watched nearly all the Chiefs games this year beginning to end. It's the first time I've been able to do that in a long time.

I love watching football. To me, it's the ultimate game of strategy and execution. Grit, Determination & toughness are a requirement to even play the sport.

I can think of no better sport that exemplifies business than American Football.

I had a chance recently to ask Peyton Manning if he agreed with that assessment.

He did.

Peyton is a very accomplished business man as well as know...Peyton Manning. (One of the nicest, funniest & most humble people you will ever meet)

It was cool to hear that from such an accomplished & legendary NFL Quarterback.

It was also fun to learn what a fan of watching football he is for the same reasons.

It served as a confirmation of sorts in terms of how I watch football and why I love it.

It got me thinking about how others watch football...and how excited we can get!

How many of you watched the AFC & NFC Championship games? I did.

How many of you watched the NCAA National Championship game LSU v. Clemson? I did.

How many of you got excited, like I did, watching those games?

How many of you yelled at the I did?

How many of you I did?

How many of you told them what they should have done instead of what they I did?

How many of you have done that on any other sport?




I have.

Now ...

How many of you bring that same level of passion and intensity into your own life?

Interesting thought isn't it.

So you mean to tell me that you’ll put passion and fire and intensity into a game that literally has zero impact on your life 24 hours from now ...

but when it comes to your own life and things you do day-to-day that impact your future both emotionally and financially, you just let that intensity fade?

How does that make sense?

You’ll yell at a guy on TV for getting a penalty, missing a free throw, or dropping a catch...

When it literally doesn’t do shit for your life?!

But you’re not disciplined enough to correct a mistake, or make sure an opportunity doesn’t slip by, or correct the guy who drops the ball right next to you in your job...

When that dictates your paycheck next Friday and your career a year from now?

Weird huh?

You show up to work late .... cut out of work early ...  and half ass it while you’re there ...

But fuck ... when the big game is on, you’re right on time and stay till the end.  

You don’t take your eyes off the screen for a second unless maybe there’s a commercial on.

And you are confused as to why things aren’t happening for you?

All of your ACTIONS tell the world that you don’t care about your career ... that you don't care about your paycheck.

Your ACTIONS tell the world that you want short-term fulfillment from a fucking sports game you’re not even playing in...

...and has ZERO effect on your life.

That’s fucked up.

”But Andy ... there’s a lot on the line in that game.”

Oh ... and there’s not a lot on the line in your own life every fucking day?

Your actions every day right now create your life 10 years from now.  

I’ll tell you right now if I could go back and do something different... it’d be to put the same fire and intensity I put into spots and video games into my work earlier.

I was 10+ years into my business journey before I really understood this concept...

... but you can learn it today.


PS: I even made a tool to help you fix it ... and it's free.  Click Here to get it.

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