The World Needs More Winners

April 01, 2023 1 min read

Andy getting out of a car

You can only be one of two things in this world...

You can be a winner...


You can be a loser.

That's the reality ... and it's the reality you must accept if you want to make something of your life.

Now more than ever...

This world needs more winners.

Becoming a winner...

Sharing your wins...

Encouraging others to win...

...and showing them exactly how to win through your example is quite literally the most noble and selfless thing you can possibly do.

Anybody who tells you anything different is fucking delusional.

Trust me on that.

Most people can’t become until they see.

It’s your job to show them.

Winning is not bad, wrong, selfish, or any of that shit.

Winning is great.

Winning should be celebrated.

Winning is in our DNA.

...and if we truly want to restore greatness to society and this country...

We have to teach the next generation what it takes to win...

It all starts with the wins we create for ourselves.

If you want to fix what’s going on in the world…

Show people what it looks like to win and help them do the same.

In that order.

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