Pursue a Greater Purpose

April 02, 2023 1 min read

Andy walking

An often overlooked reason many people feel burned out isn't because they are actually "burned out."

It's because the goals, projects, and dreams they spend their time on aren't big enough to inspire them and keep them inspired over the course of time.

They are unclear on their purpose, mission, and goals.

Doing something when you have no idea why you are doing it will have you feeling "burned out" in a day.

So ask yourself:

Are you actually "burned out"?

Are you actually even trying?

Be honest.

…or are you sick and tired of living a life that's much less than the one you truly want for yourself?

If the answer is almost always the latter...

It's not a "rest and reset" that you need...

It's aggressive action toward a bigger dream.

Obviously rest is important.

Obviously breaks are important.

But if you aren't aggressively working toward the big dream that you're scared to pursue and even talk about...

It won't matter how much rest you take...

You will always feel burned out.

Something to think about.

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