The Truth About "Finding Yourself"

March 31, 2023 1 min read

Andy speaking into a microphone

Most people love to talk about the idea of "finding yourself."

They'll make you think that you have to go on some sort of self-discovery journey by exploring your passions...

Trying new things...

Identifying your talents...

Doing all this bullshit to tap into your "inner self"...

...and eventually, you'll find out who you are and who you're meant to become.


"Finding yourself" is not supposed to be some mystical journey...

When you sit around and ponder who you're meant to be, what you're actually doing is allowing the world to make that decision for you.

Here's the truth:

You aren't meant to become anyone other than who YOU CHOOSE TO BECOME.

You have to make a choice about who you are, then live a life that reflects your decision.

That's it.

You're going to feel like a fraud...

You're going to feel like you're "faking it"...

You're going to feel inauthentic...

Everyone does in the beginning.

But don't let that keep you from becoming who the fuck you want to become in your heart.

Only losers do that shit.

Think about who you want to be...

Then start working to become that person.

Anything else is just settling for a different life than the one you truly want.

Remember that.

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