Create a Story That People Want to Hear

November 13, 2020 1 min read

Andy and his Chevelle

It seems like social media has become a competition of who has the “saddest story.”

People post every day about how difficult and sad their life is.

They do this to get sympathy from others...

But what they don’t realize, is while people may act like they feel sorry for them...

Nobody really fucking cares.

If you are one of these people...

Realize we all have sad stories.

All of us.

Competing for who has the saddest story isn’t going to help you or me or anyone else.

The only thing that's going to help you...

Is doing whatever it takes to overcome adversity.

That's the story that people really want to hear anyway.

So go create that story.

Go create the story that shows the next generation what’s possible.

Go create the story that gives hope to people when times are tough.

Go create the story you’ve always seen in your head but were too shy to tell anyone.

Go do that.

That’s worthy.

That’s noble.

That matters.

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