The Power of Listening

September 06, 2020 1 min read

people listening to someone talk in a group

God has given you two ears and one mouth for a very clear reason…

You need to listen twice as much as you talk.

Today so many people are just impatiently waiting for their turn to talk.

No one is invested in actually listening to the other person during the conversation.

If you are one of those people…

I can’t even begin to make you understand how much opportunity you are pissing away.

When given a good clear chance…

People talk about their feelings…

Their experiences…

Their desires and dreams…

And more.

You can learn and improve so much in life if you would just listen more than you talk.

The exact same concept is true for business.

You need to listen to your customers more than you talk.

Day in and day out, I see people being so loud and pushy…

About how amazing their business is…

And about how they are the best in the whole universe.

They talk so much that they don’t give their customers even one moment to talk.

And they slowly destroy their business, because they don’t listen to what their customers are actually looking for.

But as I said earlier, it doesn’t matter if you have a business or not…

This concept applies to everyone.

Shut up and listen.

And you will be wiser.

And richer.

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