The Journey Doesn't Get Easier

January 10, 2024 1 min read

Andy in a meeting 

Thinking the journey will get easier is faulty thinking.

It doesn't.

The goal is to make yourself more capable of enduring and thriving along the way.

Wishing it to be easier in itself is a constant stimulus that makes us perceive the journey as harder than it really is.

Acceptance is key.

Yes, it's hard.

So what?

Are you not committed to the process?

Are you not committed to overcoming?

Are you not committed to proving to yourself that you cannot be fucked with and that your drive, determination, vigilance, and pursuit of your own true potential is unbreakable?

You have nothing to prove to the world...

…but you have a lot to prove to yourself.

What can you build yourself into?

It's the ultimate game.

I hope you find the courage and commitment to play it.

If not for yourself...

For the people who will become the greatest version of themselves by witnessing it.

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