The Dangers of Being Too Positive

January 11, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella outside smoking a cigar

There is a huge difference between having a positive outlook on life...

...and having such a positive and optimistic outlook that it convinces you to feel good about things you shouldn't.

I call this toxic positivity.

...and if you aren't careful...

It will cost you your life.

There's nothing wrong with being positive...

It's extremely important to have a good attitude when you're in the constant pursuit of more.

But as soon as the positivity starts replacing the truth and keeping you from taking action in the areas you need to improve...

It becomes toxic.

That's why we have people who are 100+ pounds overweight talking about how being fat is "beautiful" and "healthy.”

As someone who's struggled with weight for my entire life...

I promise you these people are full of shit, and likely living a delusion.

Here's the truth...

You can't feel good about your body if you don't take care of it.

You can't feel good about your career if you don't show up and execute at a high level.

You can't feel good about your relationships if you put no effort into building them.

You can't feel good about anything in your life unless you've paid the price...

...and that price is paid through your actions and relentless commitment to improvement.

So be positive...

But never let that positivity get in the way of reality.

You may be able to trick others...

But you can never trick yourself.

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