The Difference Between Losing and Failing

May 26, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting down

Losses and failures are totally different from each other.

Losses are going to happen…

But as long as you apply the lessons that you learn and keep going…

Losing can be a great thing for your long-term success.

Failing is something you should never accept.

Failure is a choice.

Failure is quitting.

Failure is making the decision to not try again.

Failure is when you don't look at why it was a loss … and you instead focus on why you didn't win.

Instead of throwing in the towel when you lose...

Consider what you can learn.

Consider what it taught you.

Consider where you went wrong.

"L" doesn't stand for Loss...

It stands for Lesson.

...and these lessons, when applied correctly … will contribute to your future wins…

But only if you never fucking quit.

Losing and continuing to move forward is okay…

Failing is not.

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