Success Is A Battle of Endurance

May 15, 2020 2 min read


I remember what it’s like to be filled with anxiety.

I remember what it’s like to be uncertain.

I remember what it’s like to walk into a room nervously feeling like I didn’t belong.

I remember what it’s like to meet people and be “star-struck” because they had accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.

I remember wondering what those people had that I didn’t.

I remember wondering if I was “good enough”...or if I ever would be.

I remember what it’s like to get “big leagued” by people who I was trying to connect with.

Yeah...all of those things happened to me...just like they happen to you.

They happen to EVERYONE that has had to pave their own way.

Building a plan for “You” that everyone is going to love & believe in is a complete waste of time & energy.

99.99% of people can’t make a solid decision about what the fuck to have for how can you wait for them to decide to buy into “you”?

The truth is, nobody is going to believe in you until it’s become clear that what you are doing and who you are becoming is going to win.

Nobody is born with supreme confidence and a smooth path to success...we all question and doubt ourselves...and if you’re like me...nobody is harder on you than you.

But the good thing have a choice...and it’s how you respond to this process of growth that matters.

You can live in fear, be a “poor little me” and let all these things above be your “I can’t” excuse as to why it never worked out.


You can choose to shove that shit right down everyone’s throat by doing the work harder, longer, better, and smarter than everyone else…

...and being EXACTLY who you want to be.

It’s a battle of endurance, and the more fuel the better... so get damn good at remembering all the little snipes people take, and don’t be afraid to have a chip on your shoulder...

...the same motherfuckers who big league you now when you have nothing are gonna be calling you for favors...and trust feels damn good.


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