Stop Setting Vague Goals

June 17, 2022 1 min read

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When most people set goals … they are very vague about what they truly want.

They say shit like, “My goal is to write a book.”

Then they act surprised when they never make any progress.

It’s because vague goals are a cop-out.

Setting vague goals is an easy way to let themselves off the hook when they fall short...

...and it's the exact reason why most people never reach their goals.

You can't control what you can't measure.

So ... if you actually want to reach your goals...

You have to make sure that your goals are so clearly defined that you CAN measure them.

For example…

Instead of saying, “My goal is to write a book.”

Say, “My goal is to write 2 pages for my book every day and finish the book by the end of this year.”

You either achieve that goal or you don't.

It's that simple.

Take some time to paint a vivid and detailed picture of exactly what you want...

Then work for it.

There is no other way to win.

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