Make It Count

June 16, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking on stage

Would you rather live a life that leaves no mark on the world when you die...

One that has literally no meaning in the grand scheme of time … making your entire existence irrelevant?


Would you rather live a life that has a huge impact on others...

Makes the world a better place...

And sets the example for what it means to live a meaningful life for years to come?

Most people are quick to say the second option … and some of them may even claim that they’re willing to do the work required to build that life…

But the truth is … a very small percentage of these people will ACTUALLY DO the work.

The rest of them won't do shit.

So here's what you should consider...

What kind of life do you choose?

Because you have the opportunity to live out that choice every day through your actions.

As far as we know … we only have one chance at life...

Make it count.

Not just for you...

But for everyone who follows in your footsteps.

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