Stop Looking for the Fast and Easy Way

March 16, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking up to a door

Too many people want to skip the hard part.

You don’t realize it because you lack the perspective that the hard part is where everything valuable comes from.

All the skills.

All the confidence.

All the visions.

All the toughness.

All the understanding.

All the things you will ever value in your life likely started or will be developed by the hard parts of the journey.

You shouldn’t want anything fast or easy.

Start being grateful for the fruit the hard times produce and value the journey for what you are gaining.

Everything worthwhile in your life that you will be proud of … all of the real shit that matters comes from these times.

Stop trying to hack your way around them.

Stop looking for the fast and easy way.

Start doing the work and instead of dreading it…

Pay attention to what it’s actually giving you.

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