Your Results Tell The Real Story

March 15, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella with friends

We all have that one friend who looks at a company or product or person and says…

“I could do that better!”

Can you?

Prove it.

If you genuinely think you can do it better...

Why haven’t you done it yet?

It’s easy to talk shit and judge from the stands.

It’s entirely different to get your ass in the game.

If you think you can do better…

Do it.

I’m sick of people sitting in the stands talking all this shit about what “they could do if they really wanted to”.

Then do it.

The world has way too much talking…

…and way too little doing.

Get in the game or sit down and shut your mouth.

Your results tell the real story.

They always have.

They always will.

Everything else is bullshit.

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