Stop Looking for Recognition

November 09, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella standing on stage

If you're expecting to get a pat on the back or praise every time you do something good...

You are going to be extremely disappointed when it never comes.

Doing what you're supposed to do doesn't deserve recognition.

If you work hard...


If you execute on your tasks...


If you're a great team player...


But these things are the expectation...

The bare minimum.

Do you dominate the competition?

Do you invest in yourself every day?

Do you invest in other people?

Do you solve problems?

Do you do all of these things consistently with a high sense of urgency and an extreme eye for detail?

If you can commit yourself to that for a decade or two...

The recognition will come...

But even when it does...

By then, you'll realize that you never needed it in the first place.

That's the truth.

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