Stop Letting This Voice Control You…

January 30, 2023 1 min read

Andy sitting in the gym

We all have a voice that lives inside our head and talks us out of doing the shit we need to do to become great.

It's the voice that tells you to take it easy...

It's the voice that tells you to cut corners...

It's the voice that tells you to compromise...

I call it the bitch voice.

...and if you want to accomplish truly amazing things in your life...

You have to train yourself to take action in spite of this voice.

Think about how much progress you could make if every single time the bitch voice starts talking you out of doing the shit that needs to get done...

You immediately went out and not only executed on the task...

But also added an extra action on top of it.

Nothing can stop a person who has trained themselves to operate like that.

This is a skill that all highly successful people have learned to master.

As soon as these thoughts cross their mind ... they recognize it as an opportunity to pivot into productive action ... then execute.

You can either develop this discipline for yourself and WIN...

Or keep giving into your bitch voice and keep getting what you have been getting.

All I'll say is this...

There's nothing worse than losing to yourself.

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