Don’t Wait for Opportunities…Create Them

January 29, 2023 2 min read

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Most people spend their entire life spinning their wheels because they think the job they have right now is temporary.

Instead of pouring all of their energy and effort into what's in front of them...

They think something better will be coming along shortly…

…but it isn’t…

…and here is why…

They put in the bare minimum and avoid building their skill set … dodging responsibilities because it’s "not their job" and it’s "above their pay grade."

They think the can go through the motions and wait for the next opportunity to present itself before they flip the switch and start executing...

But that's not how it works in the real world.

Opportunities don’t present themselves.

You create them.

You produce them.

They grow from your actions.

They grow from your results.

You can't go from being a lazy piece of shit to kicking ass as soon as the "perfect opportunity" shows up...

It will never show up.

Because they don’t “show up”, opportunities are created…

...they will only present themselves when you've developed the discipline and skills to justify these opportunities.

You create them with your skill set, work ethic and results you produce.

That’s reality.

That’s how it actually works.

Understand that the habits and skills you're building and how you apply them right now will determine your future.

Make a habit of greatness.

If you’re making fries at McDonalds … make the best fucking fries known to man and you won’t be making fries very long.

Rinse & repeat until you are where you want to be … then do that even better!

The point is…

If you aren't taking your current responsibilities seriously and devoting the time necessary to building skills to make you so great it’s completely undeniable you can succeed at any task you are given…

What makes you think you'll be given any more responsibility (opportunity) than that from anyone with a fucking brain?

You work for you...

You create your opportunities…

You must become undeniable…

Then and only then do opportunities grow from this place…

It doesn't matter if that's what you see yourself doing long-term or not.

The habit you build of performing at your absolute best will stick and that will create the opportunities.

If you can't execute and start developing your skill set wherever you are now...

You'll never get the opportunities you’re waiting for.

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