Stop Giving Yourself Options

September 20, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella standing next to a car

Most people never go all-in and build anything worth talking about because they give themselves options.

Instead of dedicating their life to achieving their biggest goals and dreams...

They keep a "backup plan" in their pocket in case things don't work out for them.

Only by doing this...

They actually give themselves the option to fail their original plan, preventing them from giving their full dedicated effort and attention to their real goals and dreams.

When I first got started in business...

I didn't have any other option but to succeed.

I didn't have a loan...

I didn't have financial aid...

I didn't have a college degree...

I didn't have a plan B...

I didn't have shit.

I had one option, and only one option.

In my opinion this is the difference between the people who go out to do great shit and the people who don't.

Do you have options?

If you do...

You need to convince yourself otherwise.

A lack of options is the ultimate form of motivation.

It will force you to get creative and make sure you don't let a single opportunity pass you by because you literally can't afford to miss it.

Commit yourself to your plan...

Your only plan.

That's what it takes.

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