How You See Yourself Matters

September 21, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella smoking a cigar

Whatever it is you see yourself as...

The rest of the world will see the same.

Most people think that whatever the world sees them as ... they are.

...and no matter what they do, they are sentenced to that life forever unable to change their "pre-destined" role in this world.


What you see and create as yourself is what the world will see and accept you as.

You are not pre-destined for anything.

You are just confused about how it actually works.

Once you understand the way it really works...

All possibilities are now on the table.

The question is...

What are you going to choose?

If you want different...

See yourself differently.

If you are unable to see yourself differently…

Put in the work necessary to build yourself into someone who is undeniably who you wish to be.

Sometimes you just have to force it.

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