Stop Contributing to the Division

May 08, 2024 1 min read

You don't have to agree with everyone.

In fact, you shouldn't.

Forming and upholding your own beliefs is something that should be encouraged.

But if you're somebody who pushes your ideologies on others and attacks anybody who doesn't agree with your viewpoints...

You're a world-class piece of shit.

Modern society and social media have created an environment where people feel empowered to act like fucking clowns.

Don't be one of them.

When you take a step outside of the superficial reality which is the internet...

...and learn to have productive conversations with the people you don't agree with by putting yourself in their shoes and trying to understand their viewpoints and perspective...

You'll quickly begin to realize that most of us want the same things...

We just all have different ways of communicating them.

We all want peace.

We all want unity.

We all want opportunity.

We all want freedom.

Stop contributing to the division that plagues society today.

Develop the skill of understanding viewpoints outside of your own.

It's the only way you'll ever come to a solution that benefits everyone.

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