Start Saying “No”

August 15, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking to a group

When you learn to start saying the word "No" often and unapologetically...

What you're actually doing is saying "Yes" to the progression of yourself and the people around you.

Until I learned this for myself … I was often angry, bitter, and negative as fuck.

But as soon as I started to speak the truth and say "No" clearly and often...

My income improved...

My relationships improved...

...and my life got infinitely better.

The reason why most people struggle to say "No" is because they're afraid of hurting someone's feelings or letting them down.

The reality is … it's your inability to say this word that's actually hurting other people...

Including yourself.

It's undermining your credibility...

It's dismantling your confidence...

It's destroying your productivity...

...and it's keeping other people from having the difficult conversations with themselves to improve.

Adopt the word "No" and use it frequently...

Your happiness and future success depends on it.

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