Greatness is a Choice

August 16, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting and clapping

I've always tried to be a student and observer of greatness in any regard.

The thing I've learned and observed most … is that you must be 100% immersed in pursuing greatness.

You must think great thoughts...

You must speak great words...

You must take great actions...

You must surround yourself with greatness and purity of mind.

If you truly want to be great...

Anything less cannot be tolerated.

Greatness is a daily decision to reject mediocrity and hold yourself to the highest standard possible...

...and never compromise on that standard.

I have a long way to go … but I'm going to get there.

One day at a time...

One win at a time.

The question is...

Will you choose greatness too?

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