Show Them What’s Possible

May 03, 2023 2 min read

Andy talking to someone

When we're young, we're all told "You can be whatever you want.”

That’s the truth.

You can be whatever you want.

But as we get older, that narrative transitions into something much different.

The same people who once told us that we can be whatever we want … become the very people who discourage us from success.

Instead of encouraging your wins and supporting your dreams...

They will try to convince you that success is for "other people" because of unseen forces such as luck or circumstance...

It should be obvious to you that these people are projecting their own limitations on you … but for most it isn’t.


These people are cowards.

Ignore them.

The facts of the matter are:

Success IS for YOU.

Success IS for ALL OF US.

...and contrary to what society will tell you about success, it comes down to factors that are in your control.

That's an undisputed fact that most people find hard to accept because most people are unwilling to pay the true price it takes to succeed...

So they tell you to "be more realistic" instead.

Understand that 99% of the people who find success are people who were unwilling to give up, regardless of the resistance and criticism they got from everybody else.

Just think about the moment when those very same people who criticized you ask you how you did it.

Trust me ... it feels good.

Go out and win.

Don’t be a coward.

We owe it to the future generations to set an example of what's possible and paint the picture of what it takes to become truly successful.

...Because if we don't...

Who will?

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