Operate as if You're Already There

May 01, 2024 1 min read

You may have a vision of who it is you want to become...

But if you do not believe and you do not operate as if you are that person right now...

What makes you think you'll ever become that person?

Every single person who has ever become truly great in life all have one thing in common...

Long before they got where they were trying to go...

They operated as if they were already there.

I do as well.

I believe that I have already reached my goals ... and I execute at the level needed to achieve them.

I'm just waiting for time to pass.

Execution + Belief + Time = Massive Success

That's the formula.

Consider who it is you're trying to become...

What it is you're trying to accomplish...

Then ask yourself:

"Am I operating and executing at the standard necessary to become that person?"

Your actions and belief are creating the path for who it is you will become.

...and thinking you can just coast through life at a lower standard until you finally get your opportunity is an arrogant thought.

It will never come.

Plus, it’s not how the game works.

Act as if. Work as if. Behave as if.

Then it becomes real over time.

Your best execution is required now.

Holding yourself to the highest possible standard is required now.

Your opportunity is now.

So if you actually want to become the version of yourself that you dream of becoming...

Act and execute as if you're that person right now.

Anything less...

...and you're guaranteed to fall short.

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