Never Let Your Ego Hold You Back

April 30, 2024 1 min read


In order to become truly great and accomplish anything of real significance in life...

This is the truth you must accept:

You don't know shit.

I don't know shit.

Nobody knows shit.

...and anybody who tells you otherwise is either lying or completely delusional.

Ego is a hell of a drug and you can rest assured that anyone who believes their own news clippings is in for a rough ride to the bottom.

Having the level of awareness and humility to understand what you dont know is exactly what is required for you to win.

...because if you're convinced that you already know everything...

It will literally be impossible for you to make progress.

No matter how good you become...

No matter how much you accomplish...

No matter what others may tell you...

You will always have more to learn and improve on.

So will I.

When you lose sight of that you are at your peak of your success and the fall is soon to start.

Ditch your ego and have an honest conversation with yourself about how little you know and how much more you actually have to learn and improve upon.

That's real humility.

When you're humble enough to recognize your shortcomings and how little you know...

...and disciplined enough to take action every day to learn and improve...

There will be no upper limit to your potential.

Never let your ego hold you back.

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