My Rule for Celebrating Wins

May 22, 2024 2 min read

The longer you fixate on your past wins...

The less time you give yourself to create your future wins.

This is most people's problem.

They're voted prom king/queen.

They make their first $100K in business.

They win the high school championship game.

They graduate college.

They run a marathon.

They get a promotion.

Then they bask in the glory of these small wins for the rest of their life only to get their fucking ass beat in the long run by the people who continue to show up every day to compete and execute at a high level.

I'm not saying you shouldn't celebrate your wins.

If you worked your ass off and accomplished something of significance ... you absolutely should.

But if you hold onto these wins for too long...

Make room for your ego to creep in...

...and quit executing on the tasks that will help you make progress because you think you've already "made it”…

I can guarantee you ... those wins will be your last.

Understand that your wins are a result of the actions you took to create them.

...and if your plan is to keep winning...

You need to put yourself back in the game and commit yourself to the actions necessary to materialize your future wins.

I have a rule for myself.

I call it the "24-Hour Rule."

If I worked hard to create a win ... I celebrate.

As anyone should.

...But after 24 hours have passed...

I refocus and get aggressive about achieving my future wins.

You and I have far more to accomplish.

Don't take your eye off the ball at the first sign of success.

Otherwise ... you'll be sitting at the bar with the rest of the prom kings and queens talking about how life fucked you.

Life didn't fuck you.

You did.

That's the truth.

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