My Daily Reminder…

October 05, 2021 1 min read

Andy working out

If you see me in person there is a 99% likelihood that I have my gym bag with me.

It’s always open so it's easy to see what's in it…

I carry an NFL football in my bag.

I get asked a lot about it because it’s an unusual thing for me to always have.

So here’s why, so I don’t have to continue to answer this question till I die:

My dream growing up was to play in the NFL…

But I didn’t believe enough in myself.

I didn’t understand what was required work-wise.

I never thought I could make it.

I was soft.

So I quit.

That literally haunted me until I was 35 years old and figured out that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

…but for a long time I had dreams and nightmares about it.

So now I carry an NFL football in my bag everywhere I go...

I do this to remind myself that no matter how hard shit gets...

No matter how painful shit gets…


Whatever I have to go through…

I will avoid the mental torture that comes with quitting on myself.

So that’s why I always have a football in my bag.

I’ll never quit on myself again.

And somedays I’m not too proud to tell you that seeing that football is all that keeps me from doing so.

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