More Money, Different Problems

November 23, 2021 1 min read

Andy speaking on stage

We’re all familiar with the saying…

“More money, more problems.”

But over the last two decades of building my businesses and running several successful companies…

I have learned this…

It's not “More money, more problems.”

It’s “More money, DIFFERENT problems.”

Having less money or staying average will not give you a life without problems.

On the other hand, more money will not magically make all of your problems disappear.

Your problems and challenges become different as you evolve.

So instead of telling yourself to stay average ... or telling yourself that if you just get rich, your problems will go away…

Focus on developing the skills necessary to solve problems.

When you become someone who can do that...

You’ll create a great fucking life, regardless of what the number in your bank account says.

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