Monitor Your Internal Dialogue

January 15, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking to a crowd

Achieving greatness requires real conviction and confidence in yourself.

Which means if you want to be great...

You have to constantly monitor and correct your internal dialogue.

In the moments when you find yourself questioning your ability...

Doubting yourself...

Accepting defeat...

Or creating limitations for yourself and your life...

You have to be very intentional about disputing this narrative and changing it to one that serves you instead of limits you.

Most people allow their thoughts and internal talk track to run rampant which confines them to a life they hate.

Chances are...

You know a lot of these people too.

Pay attention to how they talk about themselves and their lives.

Then learn to recognize and address these same self-defeating thoughts in yourself.

All winners have built this skill.

Instead of allowing their internal dialogue to be the reason why they can't win...

They flip the script and bury these thoughts 10 feet deep through their self-belief and execution.

So can you.

It all starts with how you choose to talk to yourself.

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