Master the Skill of Aggressive Patience

January 23, 2023 2 min read

Andy speaking to a group

Understand this right now…

Your actions today won't give you the results you're looking for tomorrow.

On the other hand, you can't sit on your ass and expect your goals to magically materialize with time.

If you want to reach your biggest goals 5, 10, and even 20 years down the road from now...

You need to do two things:

1. Stay urgent in your daily actions.

2. Be patient and understand it’s going to take time.

This is what I call Aggressive Patience.

It's a skill that all successful people have learned to master … which is one of the biggest reasons why they’re successful in the first place.

You have to be aggressive in pursuing your goals through the actions you take every single day...

...and at the same time...

You have to understand that any great achievement is going to take a lot longer than you think.

Not a week.

Not a month.

Not a year.


A lot of them.

…and you have to keep that daily urgency consistent the entire time.

This is “THE SECRET” so many people look past because it’s fucking hard.

Much harder than most people can endure.

I wish it weren’t but it’s reality … no way around it.

If you can develop this skill...

You can accomplish literally anything.

But, if you get impatient and lose that urgency as soon as shit gets hard and tiring...

You will never get where you want to go.

So make a decision today…

You either commit to this concept as truth or accept right now none of the shit you want for yourself is gonna happen.

No point in torturing yourself for a lifetime pretending to “grind” for shit that’s never gonna happen because you think there is a short way around it.

…and no fucking bozo internet coach who hasn’t done shit themselves has the secret either so quit fucking paying ‘em your hard earned money unless they have PROVEN in their own lives that their methods are undeniable…

…because most of them are full of shit and have no business coaching you or anyone else.

Aggressive patience.

That is it.

This is the real deal Holyfield of building a legendary life.

You either are or you aren’t and you get to make that choice daily.

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