Make A Real Commitment

May 21, 2020 2 min read


You know why you likely aren’t living the way you want right now?

Because you don't understand what REAL COMMITMENT means.

Want real success?


Most people "try things" and the minute it gets hard or it takes longer than they expect, they quit and say "that’s not for me" and start over with a new thing.

They repeat this cycle over & over & over in life, and end up at 50 years old with a shit life they hate, constantly bitching about how the world "screwed them" when in reality they screwed themselves, because they couldn't make a REAL COMMITMENT to being great at something.

Burn the fucking ships so there is no going back.

If you give yourself the option to quit and do something else...there is a 99% chance you will.

You have to train yourself to quit quitting when it starts to hurt.

That’s when the magic happens.

See, what you don't understand is this: it’s always hardest, hurts the most, and most competitive in the beginning.

Anyone can start something.

Few can finish something.

If 100 people start a race that lasts 5 years and covers 1,000,000 miles, you are competing against 100 in the beginning.

As the race continues…people quit. People decide "it’s not for them". People’s "priorities change"...and by year 3, there are only 10 people left.

Now, instead of competing against 100…it’s 10…and you're still going.

Not only are you still are now equipped with experience that provides knowledge & skills that the people who "just start things" will never possess, giving you a lifetime upper-hand in just about every way possible.

In today’s "instant gratification" world, Commitment is a lost attribute.

…Which also makes it that much more valuable.

Be someone who understands how to truly commit and go all in.

It's the ultimate competitive advantage.


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